Monday, 18 June 2012

Bruce Lee's Abs Workout - The Six Pack Secret

Bruce Lee's Abs Workout - The Six Pack Secret
What training methods did Bruce Lee use?

Most people agree that Bruce Lee's abs are the most striking part of his highly developed body. In fact, Lee strongly believed that the abdominal muscles were one of the most important muscles for a martial artist:

"My strength comes from the abdomen. Its the center of gravity and the source of real power" (Bruce Lee, The Art of Expressing the Human Body).

In addition to his huge collection of books on martial arts and bodybuilding, Lee also had a special folder with countless articles on different ab workouts. He tried countless exercises and finally chose 3 major exercises that he would perform daily:

1) Twists (bar/ stick required)
2) Sit-Ups (abdominal board required)
3) Leg Raises

Here's the description of the first exercises called "The Twist":

Starting position: Stand upright, feet shoulder-width apart. With a light bar or a stick across the back of your shoulders, bend forward and try to touch the right end of the bar to your left foot. Straighten up and repeat the movement - now touching the left end of the bar to your right foot. Lee did at least 50 repetitions.

"The proper way of doing sit-ups isn't just to go up and down, but to curl yourself up; to curl your back up, like rolling up a roll of paper" - Bruce Lee.

As you can see, Bruce Lee's abs workout isn't that complicated, it's the daily repetition combined with a proper diet (see the amount of calories you take to you during the day; try to keep starches, sweets and fat to a minimum: no donuts, cakes, candies, soda) that gets you the results.

P.S. Long cardio sessions are by far not the best way to reduce your body fat percentage! Weight training (only 2 sessions a week) and interval training (high intensity work for short periods of time) are far more effective - this has been confirmed in several studies.